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Meet Pickleman, our courageous and daring hero! He lives on an apple farm with Ma. They met while she was pickling fresh cucumbers from the garden. She was immediately taken with him, “he was the most personable pickle of the patch!” Ma is always ready to give her son a helping hand, good advice or a hug with love.

They live a simple life full of laughter, curiosity and love. Pickleman is drawn to travel and investigate the world. He keeps in contact and makes friends wherever he goes. He may seem like a sweet petite, innocent and young, but his courage and empathy make him a hero and truly a big dill.

Where in the World is Pickleman

Pickleman loves exploring the vast and beautiful world. Along the way, he makes friends. Who knows where he’ll pop up next? Be a part of the postcard parade. Fans of the Pickleman are welcome to send in their photos of sightings of the Big Dill. His presence has been recorded around the country and the world. Send photos to